• Measures and displays the direction angle of drilling with high accuracy.
• Displays positioning of each hole according the pre-designed drilling plan.
• Automatic hole length control according to a drill plan.
• Easy-to-use navigational interface.
• Professional training available for operators.
• Comprehensive training tools (Windows simulator).
• Global technical support team.
• The data collection system collects locations and directions of the drilled holes and MWD (Measurement While Drilling) data.
• TCAD+ comes with iSURE®, the most advanced tunnel-process management software on the market.
• Upcoming features can be installed on rig.

• Optimized drill and blast cycle.
• Less over- and under-breaks.
• Improves productivity and safety as no need to stand close to the face to paint the holes locations.
• Full Sandvik support on the implementation process and during life of the machine.
• Allow to monitor accurately:
• Productivity,
• Total Cost of Ownership, cost per drilled meters, etc
• Rock tools life
• Identify operator training needs
• High drilling accuracy and optimized excavation.
• Optimized drilling process.
• User-friendly and easy-to-use software.
• Access to new product upgrades via lifetime services.


Inaccurate drilling set-up and hole length can cause misalignment of the whole tunnel, blasting difficulties, and can lead to over-break and under-break. Fixing tunnel alignment later is extremely expensive and it also increases the need for rock support and the risk of rock fall.

Sandvik TCAD+ is an aiming tool for executing on a pre-designed drilling plan, featuring face drilling, long-hole drilling and bolting-hole plans on the screen.

Sandvik TCAD+ supports different navigation methods. In addition to traditional laser and drill-bit navigation, it introduces total station navigation to standard rigs, greatly improving their accuracy. The navigation user interface is easy to use, with on-screen creation and editing of the lasers.

With its built-in data collection, TCAD+ provides information on hole position and angle logging, as well as the drilling process. By improving the accuracy of drilling, the TCAD+ enables optimization of the whole tunneling project.

The Sandvik TCAD+ includes a troubleshooting function to help test the correct functioning of the system’s sensors and the CAN system.

TCAD+ is delivered together with Sandvik iSURE®, the most sophisticated and advanced tunnel-process management software on the market. Results in accurate drilling and optimized excavation due to drilling and blasting design at the most critical position (i.e. at the end of the round). Optimizes the drilling process, as well as the complete drill and blast process. iSURE® is user-friendly and easy-to-use software.

Professional training available for operators and service with comprehensive training tools (Windows simulator).
Global Sandvik technical support team. Access to new product upgrades via lifetime services. Upcoming features can be installed on rig.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD310, Sandvik DD311, Sandvik DD320, Sandvik DD321, Sandvik DD410, Sandvik DD411, Sandvik DD420, Sandvik DD421, Sandvik DD530, Sandvik DD531