• Cabin meet and exceed international safety requirements FOPS & ROPS
• Protect operator from excessive noise vibration and dust exposure.
• Protect operator from hot or cold environment.

• Improve operator’s safety and comfort


Mining conditions varies and affects the operator’s environment. Mining conditions can be dusty, dark, wet, noisy, icy and hot.
Sandvik has designed cabins for it’s underground drills to improve operator’s safety and comfort. The cabins are designed to be extremely durable. They meet and exceed the international standard:
• ISO 3449 – Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS).
• ISO 3471 – Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS).

Sandvik Cabin offers low noise (LpA 80 dB according EN 791) and vibration levels (0.5 m/s² according EN 791) and allows emergency exit.

Cabin upgrade solution includes Air Conditioning system.

Heating system and Window Protective Grill are available as option. Acid Proof cabin (stainless steel) version is available on selected machine models (only FOPS).

Cabin have to be selected according the height of the mine site galleries. Low cabin version available on selected machine models.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD311, Sandvik DD320, Sandvik DD321, Sandvik DD410, Sandvik DD411, Sandvik DD420, Sandvik DD421, Sandvik DL311, Sandvik DL321, Sandvik DL331, Sandvik DL411, Sandvik DL420, Sandvik DL421, Sandvik DL430, Sandvik DL431, Sandvik DS311, Sandvik DS410, Sandvik DS411, Sandvik DS420, Sandvik DS421