-Protect the operator in case of frontal falls of ground.
-Reduce the risk of damages on the unit

-Improve safety
-Reduce operating cost


When drilling in poor ground condition, rock may fall, roll on the boom structure down to the operator’s compartment . Consequences could be fatal injuries for the operator and severe damages for the unit.

In order to strongly mitigate this risk, Sandvik has designed a specific Canopy Safety Grill for the Low Profile drills.
Canopy Safety Grill provides extra protection in poor ground environments. Designed to protect low profile drill operator compartments against frontal falls of ground, this self-movable grill improves operator safety. The grill design allows to keep the canopy variable height function.

The energy deflected is exactly in line with the normalized value used for FOPS dimensioning of the operator canopy (11.6 kJ). The protection was calculated to absorb the impact of a rock weighing 500 kilograms falling from a height of four meters. In a typical low profile environment with a room height of 2.3 meters, that means the screen protection is designed to absorb the impact of a rock weighing two tons.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

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