• Highest percussion frequency.
• Stabilizer system insures optimal Rock/bit contact.
• High striking frequency with low energy per impact.
• Stabilizer system: efficient dampening of shock waves from the rock.
• New design and construction concept with only few pressurized seams and less parts (20%).
• Rock drill attached to carrier with only 6 bolts. Harmonized nut size. Visual wear indicator on key components.

• Highest penetration rate that Improves productivity
(+17% compare to HLX5,
+ 28% compare to HLX5T)*.
• Longer rock tools life (+17% bit life, +40% shank life)*.
• Higher reliability and maintenance interval (750 hrs).
• Improved serviceability; Easy condition evaluation in service.


Productive underground drilling is a crucial component in achieving your production targets and meeting your required advance rates. Even the most efficient drill rig can only deliver so many meters in a shift if it’s not coupled with the latest rock drill technology.

Our Rock Drill(s) Upgrade Solutions for Underground Development Drills enable seamless progression to the latest Sandvik technology. Each Upgrade kit consists of new RD-series rock drill(s) (RD520 or RD525) and all other parts needed to convert your existing equipment to the most technically advanced drilling technology available.

Highest productivity is achieved by the increased percussion frequency rate and stabilizer system that insure optimal control of the contact between the rock and the bit.
Reduced operating costs are achieved by:
-Increased reliability due to new design concept (only few pressurized seams between functional modules) that allows increased service interval of 750 percussion hrs.
-Excellent serviceability through modular construction and visual wear indicators.
-Stabilizer system that dampens recoil impulses from rock and lengthens the lifetime of rock tools.

The quicker drilling and faster production will start a ripple effect. Your productivity and reliability will increase and you’ll cut costs. Optimize your operation by upgrading your existing units to new-generation Sandvik RD-series rock drills that you can count on to deliver value 365 days a year.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD210L, Sandvik DD211L, Sandvik DD220L, Sandvik DD310, Sandvik DD311, Sandvik DD320, Sandvik DD321, Sandvik DD410, Sandvik DD411, Sandvik DD420, Sandvik DD421, Sandvik DD530, Sandvik DD531