-Allows the mechanized installation of support mesh without having anybody on the unsupported area.
-Simple, reliable and easy to use system.

-Improves safety by avoiding injuries due to rock fall during mesh installation.
-Require minimal maintenance and training.


Installation of mesh during support installation can be very hazardous if people have to go under the non supported area during the installation process.

To mitigate this risk, Sandvik has developed the SH Screen handler for DS2710 and DS300 series.

The SH Screen Handler is a hydraulic telescopic boom specially designed for the mechanization of screen installation, along the roof and/or side walls, handled by only one operator from the control station.

Not only safety and productivity are increased, but difficult places to reach are now accessible.

The system is mounted directly on the TUC or SBH bolting head goose neck. The use of the screen manipulator is simple, reliable and easy.

It can install rigid expanded metal mesh or welded wire mesh screen sheets.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DS2710, Sandvik DS2711, Sandvik DS310, Sandvik DS311