-Ease the work of the operator and make rods handling more controllable and reliable.

-Improve productivity
-Improve quality and consistency for operators of all experience levels, and reduces training duration for new operators.


Rod handler sequence control features three separate manual movements, each covering a series of controlled movements (sequences) carried out by the drill automatically. These sequences are designed to ease the work of the operator and make rod handling more controllable and reliable; the sequences can be activated from the control panel and engaged with the joystick.

The sensors of the rod handler are connected to the individual CAN-bus modules of the control system, and the status of each sensor can be monitored in the control panel for fault finding.

The software that runs this control has been designed to include internal security checks in order to prevent activation in the event of risk of damage posed to the drill or rock tools.

The sequence control includes three separate functionalities:
• Extension: Moves a new rod from the rod cassette port to the rod handler arms.
• Threading: Moves the selected tool to drill center and couples it to the drill string in the hole.
• Uncoupling: Moves a rod from the drill center to the rod handler port and into the cassette.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DL311, Sandvik DL321, Sandvik DL411, Sandvik DL421