• New powerful rock drill. Improve drilling performance by up to 35%
• New shorter aluminium feed.
• Same design and working principle as previous bolting head generation (TUC).
• New changeable stainless-steel feed rails, clipped on the beam.
• New plastic skids.
• New plastic bolt guides.
• Feed cylinder with dampening system.
• High frequency rock drill. Longer rock tools life.

• Improve productivity.
• Fastest bolt installation.
• Easier to operate in small section.
• No need extra operator training.
• Longer life of feed wear parts. Easier and faster to replace. Lower maintenance cost and downtime.
• Better serviceability and reduced maintenance cost.
• New lighter aluminium feed beam. Longer life for boom parts.


Customers are looking for better performances and lower operating costs on their rock support operations with mid-size bolters.
Our new Sandvik SBH Bolting Head, thanks to the high frequency and powerful RD314 rock drill allow significant improvement on the bolt installation speed (+35% faster).

The operating costs are drastically reduced thanks to new design and new material used for several new key parts (i.e. Aluminium beam, stainless steel rails, plastic skids and bolt guides, etc…).

The maintenance is easier and faster due to improved design that give better access to perform maintenance tasks in a most efficient way.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DS310, Sandvik DS311