Safety Rails For Trucks

-Safety Rails mitigate the risk that service people fall from the top of the machine.
-Foldable system that stay permanently on the machine.
-Simple and reliable system.
-Easy and quick to set-up.

-Improve the safety of the maintenance and repair operations by suppressing one of the main risk faced by the service peoples.
-Unlike a removable system, it therefore is always available, even if the machine is not located on the workshop. Able to protect the people in any circumstances.
-Easy to use, require minimal training to be used. Requires minimal maintenance and withstands tough mining conditions.
-Providing a steady hand grip and sure footing for balance or support during climbing up and going down the machine immediate safety to the person climbing on top of the machine.


Working at height is one of the highest risk that mine workers are facing. And statistics show that slip and fall are a major cause of accident in the mining industry with several fatalities registered every year.
On trucks, some maintenance and repair operations have to be done from the top deck.
To help our customers to control fall hazards during maintenance and repair operations, Sandvik has developed the Safety Rails system that offers an efficient protection against the risk of fall.
The Safety Rails system is specifically designed for underground mining harsh environment. The rails are hinged to the frame at the top of the unit and have to be raised up before starting service and maintenance work, then put down and locked before the machine is returned to operation.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH540, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH550, Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663, Sandvik TH663i