Integrated Weighing System For Trucks

• Insures optimal filling of the box (no short loading or overloading of the box).
• Insures the box is empty and thus minimize carry-back.
• Improves quality and consistency for operators at all experience levels (reduce training duration of new operators).
• Insures homogeneous load resulting on homogeneous speed of the trucks on the ramp.
• Allows accurate production follow-up of each individual truck (Individual productivity target, early detection of lower performance…).
• Reduce the risk of loss of control due to overloading of the box (Reduced stability, difficulties to steer, longer braking distances).
• Reduce risk of brake failure or premature wear due to overloading of the box.
• Reduce the risk of tires overheating, blow-out or premature wear due overloading of the box.
• Limit the gas emissions that could increase significantly if the truck is overloaded.
• Reduce the chances rocks would fall from the box on roads and could damages the others equipment and roads.
• Avoid excessive fuel consumption. Avoid excess of ventilation due to extra exhaust gas emissions..
• Saving cost on brake system. Limit axle and carrier fatigue.
• Saving on tires cost.
• Avoid damages on roads due to rock falling from the box (overloading).
• Reduce new operators training duration.

• Increase productivity
• Increase safety
• Reduce operating cost


Improper loading of the truck box leads to loss of productivity, and could generates safety consequences and expensive technical issues.
Sandvik Integrated Weighing System (IWS) for trucks allows to monitor the payload of your truck with great accuracy (up to 97%) and so ensuring the maximal productivity. In addition, it helps to avoid technical issues that could be generated by frequent over-loading of the box. It also protects against the safety risks that over-loading could generate.
The system also informs the loader operator in real time about the truck payload with the help of “traffic lights” located on each size of the truck.
The data measured by the IWS can be transferred wirelessly or via USB to the My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge Box™ for further analysis. Together with the alarm and signal reports from IWS, you will have access to productivity reports that you can compare with your productivity targets.

Application area

Productivity improvement


Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH540, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH550, Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663, Sandvik TH663i