Quick Oil Filling System For Trucks

• Limit the risk of contamination when filling the equipment with oil or coolant fluid.
• Avoid the risk of mixing the different oils types.

• Improve reliability.
• Avoid risk of failure due to use of improper oil.


Oil contamination is one of the major risk of failure of expensive component and mistake in the oil type can lead to catastrophic failures.
In order to reduce the risk of contamination of new oil during the filling process and also to avoid risk of mixing oil types, Sandvik has developed Quick Oil Filling system for Trucks.

The systems consist on quick coupling for hydraulic oil, transmission oil, engine oils, coolant (i.e. in practice all fluids except AdBlue/DEF), allowing to fill directly the receivers without having to use any other container that could be dirty. Each coupling have different size in order to avoid any fluid type error.

The mine oil filling system must be equipped with the corresponding quick coupling from Wiggins.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement


Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH540, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH550, Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH551i, Sandvik TH663, Sandvik TH663i