-On-board water HP cleaner. Allows to clean the machine efficiently everywhere it is possible to connect the machine to the mine water network.

-Reduce operating cost by allowing to clean easily and efficiently the machine.


Mining equipment are operating is a very dusty, muddy and wet environment. That’s why it’s important to keep the equipment as clean as possible with regular washing with high pressure water to remove, mud, dirty grease, and rock cuttings, that could on the long run damage the unit, generate premature wearing or inhibit some functions and movements.

In order to ease the maintenance operations, and especially the unit washing operations, Sandvik offers to equip underground drills with on-board water High Pressure Cleaner.

This heavy duty High Pressure Cleaner, can generate pressure up to 180 bars. Water is pressurized with a separate hydraulically driven high pressure water pump, powered by the diesel engine of the rig and the system can be used anywhere, as long as the machine is connected to the mine water network.

The High Pressure Cleaner upgrade solution includes a practical spring loaded hose reel.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement

Tunneling drills

Sandvik DT1120i, Sandvik DT1121i, Sandvik DT1130i, Sandvik DT1131, Sandvik DT1131i, Sandvik DT1132i, Sandvik DT1230i, Sandvik DT1231, Sandvik DT1231i, Sandvik DT1330i, Sandvik DT1331i, Sandvik DT610, Sandvik DT611, Sandvik DT621, Sandvik DT720, Sandvik DT721, Sandvik DT820, Sandvik DT821, Sandvik DT831, Sandvik DT912D, Sandvik DT920i, Sandvik DT921i, Sandvik DT922i