-Power Extractor allows the rock drill piston to hit the shank during pull back (percussive stress waves transmitted to the drill rods.

-Improve productivity by help to remove rod(s) from the hole in case of jamming.


Fractured and heterogeneous ground, poor flushing quality, cross drilling, or worn out rock tools can lead to drilling rod jamming, And It is quite hard work to recover from the jamming and it robs your job and production of expensive and valuable time.

In order to solve this issues and preserve the productivity, Sandvik has developed the Power Extractor system.
Power Extractor is a module for a hydraulic rock drill, operated by a switch on the operator’s control panel. A hydraulic actuator mounted on the front end of the rock drill gear housing, by multiple (small) pistons, is able to pull the shank adapter towards the striking point, so that the piston can hit the shank during pull-back. Percussive stress waves can therefore be transmitted to the drill rods.

Power Extractor is very efficient when the drill string are jammed so tight that it can not be removed by only using feed, rotation and percussion.

Use of Power Extractor for uncoupling rods makes easier and faster the opening of joints. It reduces the non-drilling time, increases drilling capacity and rock tool service life and reduces rock drill maintenance cost.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Tunneling drills

Sandvik DT1120i, Sandvik DT1121i, Sandvik DT1130i, Sandvik DT1131, Sandvik DT1131i, Sandvik DT1132i, Sandvik DT1230i, Sandvik DT1231, Sandvik DT1231i, Sandvik DT1330i, Sandvik DT1331i, Sandvik DT610, Sandvik DT611, Sandvik DT821, Sandvik DT831, Sandvik DT920i, Sandvik DT921i, Sandvik DT922i