-Utility boom that is able to lift people in safety to perform task in height.

-Improve safety during hazardous tasks.


Marking the face, scaling the roof or installing bolts are hazardous tasks if not done with the proper equipment.
Sandvik Utility booms are designed to lift people in order to achieve needed tasks in the most safe way.

The Utility booms have a telescopic extension, parallel automatics of the basket and dual controls (from the basket and from the unit’s operator station) for the boom swing, lift and extension features.

Type A basket is without and type B basket with a swing feature. The basket swing speed is adjustable.

Sandvik SUB5i booms are manufactured and tested according to European Standard EN280.

Safety canopy, hydraulically lifted (FOPS, ISO 3449, 11600J) is available as optional feature as is a rod rack (2 pieces, for max. 4 pieces of 10 or 12 ft rods per rack) and working lights assembly.

Application area

Application modification

Tunneling drills

Sandvik DT1131, Sandvik DT1131i, Sandvik DT1132i, Sandvik DT1231, Sandvik DT1231i, Sandvik DT1331i, Sandvik DT820, Sandvik DT821, Sandvik DT922i