-Increase the overall drilling performances.
-Stabilizer system (except HL710S) absorb recoil energy. Consistent bit-rock contact and optimizing percussion energy.
-Allows to adapt the rock drill to new rock condition or different drilling application.

-Improve productivity.
-Increase rock tools life.
-Extends rock drill life.
-Allow machine adaptation to new application.


Productive underground drilling is a crucial component in achieving the production targets. Even the most efficient drill rig can only deliver so many meters in a shift if it’s not coupled with the latest rock drill technology.

Our Rock Drill Upgrade Solutions for Underground Production Drills enable seamless progression to the latest Sandvik technology. Each Upgrade kit consists of new Rock drills (model selected according machine model and application) and all other parts needed to convert your existing equipment to the most technically advanced drilling technology available.

The latest Sandvik rock drills bring a substantial improvement on drilling performances , reliability in operation and low operating cost through patented and simple product design.

HL820ST, RD921, RD927 and HL1560ST includes stabilizer system absorbs recoil energy travelling back through the rods after each impact, that can be harmful for the drill steels. With a consisted bit-rock contact and by optimizing the percussion energy, the stabilizer increases rock tools life and protects the rock drill of tear and wear.

The Rock Drill Upgrade Solution is available for the following Underground Production Drills models:

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DL311, Sandvik DL321, Sandvik DL410, Sandvik DL411, Sandvik DL420, Sandvik DL421, Sandvik DL422iE, Sandvik DL431, Sandvik DL432i