Quick Detach System Interface For Loaders

-Allow to change quickly and safely the bucket or to replace it with an other tool to perform different task.

-Improve machine versatility.


Underground mining requires to perform a lot of different tasks and it is very difficult and expensive to own a specific machine dedicated to each of them.

That’s why versatility is one of the major feature for a loader.
In order to increase loader versatility and allow to adapt easily the machine to the task to be done, Sandvik has developed an interface kit for Quick Detach System (QDS) for Loader.

QDS allow quickly to switch to different size or type of bucket or even to install a different tool like forks, jib boom or tire handler for instance.

The QDS Interface kit includes all needed parts to do the adaptation of WBM® wheel loaders attachments tools on a loader originally equipped with conventional bucket, including hydraulic and electric components, hose and electric wiring harness, etc.

Application area

Application modification


Sandvik LH203, Sandvik LH307, Sandvik LH410