Traction Control System For Loaders

-Increase the lifetime of the tyres by reducing wheel slipping while the bucket penetrate the muck pile.
-Limit the risk of loss of productivity due to tyre failure or premature wear.
-Reduce the risk of tyre failure that could cause accident due to loss of control.

-Reduce service and tyre cost.
-Increase productivity and reliability.
-Increase Safety.


Sandvik Traction Control System is intended to reduce wheel slipping when penetrating to the muck pile and filling the bucket. It is specifically useful when loading with radio remote control, when the operator’s feel to the equipment is not ideal.

By reducing slipping, the Traction Control System improve the tyres lifetime and reduces the need for tyre change.
The system measures each wheel speed separately. When the speed of any wheel differentiates enough from the others, engine RPM is limited until the speed difference decreases back to the allowed range.

Functional only during bucket filling, with first gear forward selected, and bucket not in transport position
The system can be switched on/off directly from the control system display.

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement


Sandvik LH517, Sandvik LH517L, Sandvik LH621