PDS Interface For Trucks

• PDS interface system allow to link a third party PDS with the Sandvik equipment tramming and braking systems. OEM solution that ensure the perfect interaction of the third party PDS with the Sandvik machine systems.
• The interface system supports the use of three PDS “detection zones” . Allow to warn the operator of potential danger in gradual way and act accordingly before the machine stops automatically.

• Improve Safety


Collision between vehicles or between machines and pedestrians is one of the major risk on underground mining. Collision with another vehicle or person could cause death or severe injury.

Proximity Detection System (PDS) is technologies or devices that actively detect close encounters between two or more objects and transmit this information to an interface system that takes automatic action to render the equipment to a safe state when potentially dangerous interaction occurs.
PDS are generally designed to inform the machine to slow down and/or eventually stop the equipment in case of collision risk with a person or an object carrying a tag.

The Sandvik Proximity Detection System Interface allows to link third-party Proximity Detection System and the Sandvik equipment.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement


Sandvik TH320, Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH540, Sandvik TH550, Sandvik TH551, Sandvik TH663