Boom Suspension & Floating Systems For Loaders

• Reduces bucket spillage with boom suspension.
• Higher tramming speed.
• Reduced stress on the loader extends components life.
• Reduced road maintenance due to less spillage. Reduced tires wear and risk of tire damage.
• Improved road condition and operator comfort.
• Stable and smooth operation, even with higher speed.
• Reduced fore-and-aft pitching motion and collision with rocks.


While the loader is tramming with bucket loaded, the suspended weight generates important fore-and-aft pitching motions that lead to bucket spillage, if the loader trams too fast, which has important consequences in terms of productivity and operating cost (increase needs for road maintenance, risk of tyres damages…).
These movements also generates high stress on the loaders components and reduce their lifetime.
In order to reduce the fore-and-aft pitching motions while the loader is tramming, Sandvik has developed the Boom Suspension System for Loaders (also called “Ride Control”).
The boom suspension improves the loader’s driving and operator’s comfort by suspending the boom on pressure accumulators during tramming. It also reduces the stress on the machine frame components, extending their lifetime.
Daily tasks get more effective by stable driving and more comfort increasing safety, reliability and productivity.
Boom suspension system comes together with the Bucket Floating System that allows the bucket to follow the ground smoothly. It enable to clear easily fallen rock on the roads.

Application area

Productivity improvement


Sandvik LH307, Sandvik LH410, Sandvik LH514, Sandvik LH517, Sandvik LH517i, Sandvik LH621, Sandvik LH621i