Integrated Weighing System For Loaders

• Provide reliable estimation of the bucket payload (within 3% maximal error*) when lifting the boom (weighing “on the go”).
• IWS is fully integrated into the machine control system using the original display to provide bucket load information to the operator.
• Assist the operator with a sound signal when the weighing result is ready.
• IWS information are collected and can be transferred wirelessly or via USB to the My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge box™.


Improper loading of the loader’s bucket leads to loss of productivity, and could generates safety consequences and expensive technical issues.

Sandvik Integrated Weighing System (IWS) for Loader allows to monitor the load on the bucket of your loader with great accuracy (up to 97%) thus ensuring the maximal productivity.

In addition, it will help to avoid safety and technical issues that could be generated by frequent over-loading of the bucket.

The data measured by the IWS are transferred to the My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge Box™. These data are used to build My Sandvik Productivity reports that gives a direct overview of fleet utilization and performance. It also gives access to alarm and signal reports to detect early safety violations or lower performance issues.

Application area

Productivity improvement


Sandvik LH410, Sandvik LH514, Sandvik LH517, Sandvik LH517i, Sandvik LH517L, Sandvik LH621, Sandvik LH621i