-Fast aligning for vertical and inclined holes.
-Auto stop for drilling when the set depth is achieved.
-Drilling counters.
-Possibility to collect production information through My Sandvik Productivity
-Touchscreen user-interface.
-System troubleshooting and sensors initialization through the display.
-Easy upgradeable to full TIM3D drill navigation

-Improve productivity,
Improve quality and consistency for operators of all experience levels, and reduces training duration for new operators.
-Allows to review the performance of each individual unit and compare with similar units to detect easily inefficiency.
-Help to react quickly and make decision based on real facts.
-Allows to set-up and measure easily and accurately productivity KPI’s.
-Follow up cost/drilled meters (parts, rock tools life, etc…).
-Easy and simple to use and maintain.
-Evolutive system.

TIMi for inclined holes and TIM3D readiness is used for drilling vertical and inclined holes with a hole depth measuring. The system makes possible to retrofit full TIM3D system easy by adding just antennas and GPS receiver. The system has upgraded user interface with touch-screen function. Through the display its possible also to troubleshoot the system and initialize sensors.

The hole depth can be given as a bench height or directly as a hole depth. The system displays the drilled hole depth and the penetration rate and it alarms the operator/stops the drilling when the set depth is achieved. Inbuilt drilling memory contains counters as well. The counters hold three type of data:
• Cumulative data since the last reset of counters by user.
• Cumulative data since the last reset of counters by service personnel.
• Cumulative data through machine life time.

Following counters are included: amount of drilled holes, drilled meters, drilling time, percussion hours and average penetration rate.

The system also includes aiming unit and hydraulic cylinders with sensors. Inclination direction can be given by using directly blast direction or reference direction with the aiming unit

Boom surface drills

Sandvik DI450, Sandvik DI550, Sandvik DI560, Sandvik DI650i, Sandvik DX600, Sandvik DX700, Sandvik DX800, Sandvik DX800i, Sandvik DX900i

Application area

Productivity improvement