• Much less time spend in shift changes.
• One operator can supervise multiple units.
• Allows to operate through shift changes, breaks, blast smoke hours.
• Safe operation in hazardous areas.
• Remote cameras and audio stream live.
• Control of operation from safe and remote location.
• Time on-board the drill minimized
• Operation on dust, noise and vibration free environment
• Identical user interface at the remote location and on-board the drill.
• With Automation, drilling cycles are repeated with speed and accuracy.

• Increase productivity. Achieve higher output at lower cost.
• Better utilization of the workforce and competence.
• Improved operator performance.
• Ore reserves can be utilized economically in areas with compromised safety.
• Realistic and informative drilling scene.
• Improve operator safety
• Addresses the problem of maintaining a suitably qualified work force at remote sites.
• Reduction in equipment tear and wear, improved mechanical availability


Tele-Remote Drilling system allows to control the unit from a safe remote location (i.e; operation surface room), with a static user interface, identical at the remote location and on the drill.

Operating a production drill remotely offers number of benefits in underground mining, related to product safety and productivity. Exposure to potentially hazardous working conditions and time on-board the drill unit are minimized. Distance between the drill unit and remote location is not limited; the remote-control interface can be in a dedicated facility or in a vehicle. Layout and ergonomics of the remote location infrastructure can be designed to meet the mine requirements and the user interface between the locations is identical; the system is fitted with remote cameras for good visibility and audio stream for realistic and informative scene on drilling.

Tele-remote drilling allows multiple units to be controlled by one operator (through individual user interfaces). Combined with drilling automation, working can continue through shift changes and breaks, or during the shift.
The drill and the remote-control location can be connected through WLAN network or LAN cable. Tele-remote operation can be integrated in the existing mine network if it meets the requirements on connectivity. The WLAN connection is also delivered with the cable connection feature. The maximum ethernet cable length between the drill and mine network access point is 90 meters.

Mobile Tele-Remote option consists of a battery powered remote control station, easy to set-up and transport, instead of the static station.

Application area

Productivity improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DL311, Sandvik DL321, Sandvik DL411, Sandvik DL421, Sandvik DL422iE, Sandvik DL431, Sandvik DL432i, Sandvik DU412i