Sandvik OT220 205L

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The Sandvik OT220 products are industrial gear oils of the latest generation, having outstanding extreme pressure characteristics (EP/AW properties) and an extremely high load carrying capacity. They are industrial gear oils with excellent demulsifying properties which can be used in all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems. The Sandvik OT220 products offer extraordinary wear protection. They surpass the requirements in the standard FZG A/8.3/90 scuffing test as well as the more severe FZG test A/16.6/140 (double velocity – 16.6 m/s – and increased starting oil sump temperature – 140 °C). The Sandvik OT220 products offer an extremely high micropitting protection (load stage “high” in the load stage test as well as the endurance test). They offer excellent wear protection for roller bearings. The wear rates in the FAG FE8 test are extremely low under these extreme test conditions (7.5 rpm, 80 °C, 80 h, 80 kN).

Latest additive technology guarantees excellent wear protection and excellent corrosion protection (steel and copper-containing materials) The Sandvik OT220P products have good elastomer compatibility, stressed static and dynamic elastomers are lubricated and protected from wear. The lifetime of the components is increased. Sandvik OT220 oils can improve equipment reliability and increase productivity.