-Allows to install mesh in roll without exposing people under the unsupported ground.
-Ease and speed up the mesh installation process.
-Simple and robust system.

-Improve safety by protecting people from rock fall during mesh installation process.
-Improve productivity.
-Low operating cost.


Installation of mesh in roll during rock support operations can be very hazardous if people have to go under the non supported area during the installation process.

Also, this task is often difficult and long to perform.

In Order to mitigate risk during mesh installation and also to ease and speed up the rock support process, Sandvik has developed the Roll Mesh Handler for it large bolters.

The Roll Mesh Handler is a mechanized unrolling device mounted on a dedicated boom (screen handler boom if the unit is already equipped with this option). It is a simple and robust system.

The mesh roll is automatically grasped and unwound along the tunnel profile in both directions (vertically and horizontally). During the process, the installation crew is never exposed to working under unsupported ground, and so, protected from rock fall hazard.
The Roll Mesh Handler ease and speed up the installation of mesh as manual work is kept to a minimum and greater quantities of mesh can be processed simultaneously.

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DS411, Sandvik DS512i