• Reduce the amount of dust particles in the air.
• Reduce the need to clean the coolers to avoid clogging.
• Reduce the need to clean cabin.

• Improve safety by reducing the risk for the operator and other staff to breathe dust particles.
• Improve reliability and operating cost.

Dustmizer is an effective addition to standard dust collection system taking care of also the smallest particles which can’t be seen but are most harmful. Dustmizer’s dust binding liquid is added to the rock drill flushing air during drilling. The fluid led into the flushing air suppresses the drilling dust and forms a sand like and grainy, dust free substance. Water receiver is big enough for one shift operation. There are two nozzles in the Dust Collector spraying dust binding liquid to the outlet when there is a need to bind the dust dropped to the ground.

Engine heater option is required, if machine equipped with Dustmizer operates below freezing point.

On Commando DC300Ri, Dino and Ranger DXi series, the Dustmizer upgrade includes always the flap feeder system.

On Ranger DX, Leopard DI650i and Pantera DPi, flap feeder system is not part of Dustmizer upgrade but can be added as an option (see page 197).

On Leopard DI650i, Dustmizer upgrade require Water Injection System (see page 190).

Boom surface drills

Sandvik DC300Ri, Sandvik DC400R, Sandvik DC410R, Sandvik DC420Ri, Sandvik DG710, Sandvik DG810, Sandvik DI650i, Sandvik DP1100i, Sandvik DP1500i, Sandvik DP1600i, Sandvik DX600, Sandvik DX600R, Sandvik DX700, Sandvik DX800, Sandvik DX800i, Sandvik DX800R, Sandvik DX900i

Application area

Safety and environmental improvement