Cast Profile Bar Straight Long Right

• Compatible with all Sandvik and non-Sandvikloader buckets.
• Modular design that can be cut to suit any bucket width.
• Better wearability than plate profile bars.

• Extend bucket’s service life.
• Reduce the frequency of lip rebuilds by supporting the primary lip through wear-package alignment.
• Reduce the total cost of ownership of loader and bucket.

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Shark™ Cast Profile Bars protect the rear underside faces of the lip protection system from wear during normal and back blading operations. They also provide support to whole GET package, helping to extend the life of the bucket through wear-package alignment.

• Constructed from custom, high-performance wear-resistant Sandvik SS2000/SS2300 steel alloy.
• Excellent through-hardness capability for lifetime performance.
• Modular design with dedicated corner heel-shroud design to reinforce high-wearing areas.

• 50mm (SS2000 steel alloy)
• 55mm (SS2300 steel alloy)


All Sandvik loaders, All Caterpillar loaders, All Epiroc loaders