BP2 50mm Cast Corner Left Hand

• Quicker and easier change-out compared to weld-on systems.
• No welding required for change-outs.
• Quicker change-outs than replacing the entire lip.
• Features half corner shrouds to further extend lip life.
• Longer wear-life than weld-on lip systems.

• Extends bucket service life.
• Maintain bucket capacity for longer.
• Reduce the frequency of lip rebuilds.
• Reduce bucket downtimes and increase loader availability.
• Reduce the total cost of ownership of loader and bucket.

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Blue PointerTM 2 is a range of mechanically attached, quick-change lip protection systems designed to extend the life of loader buckets by preserving the structure of the primary lip.
The range’s advanced design allows for good penetration of muck piles and optimization of material flows during dumping. Shrouds in the Blue PointerTM 2 range are constructed from a Sandvik wear-resistant alloy that delivers a high performance-to-weight ratio.

• Constructed from custom, high-performance Sandvik wear-resistant steel.
• Adjustable locking system.
• Dedicated cast corners provide extra support to high-wearing corner zones.
• Low-profile blades provide increased penetration.
• Built-in wear indicators.

• Customers required to have capacity to maintain the product after installation.

Blue PointerTM Series shrouds feature wear indicators that:
• Become visible when there is 7mm of wear material remaining;
• Help you to correctly time changeouts to maximize the shrouds life and minimize shroud failures.


Sandvik LH410, Sandvik LH514, Sandvik LH517, Sandvik LH621, Caterpillar R1600, Caterpillar R1700, Caterpillar R2900, Caterpillar R3000, Epiroc ST1030, Epiroc ST14, Epiroc ST18


50mm Standard, 50mm Heavy duty, 50mm Extended