• Life of the boom parts
(extension tube, skids, pins, etc.) is extended by +60% due to reduced stress and vibrations carried by the boom.
• Reduce the stress on front carrier structure and on front axle.
• Avoid engine rpm fluctuations. Reduce stress on transmission.
• Decrease the amount of failures and repairs
• Operator is less exposed to vibrations and machine’s movements during tramming.
• Decrease the risk of boom structure failures that could generates accident while the machine is tramming.
• Reduce the risk of downtime due to boom parts failures, front carrier cracks or axles failures.

• Reduce the operating cost
• Improve safety and ergonomics
• Improve productivity


Based on it long experience on mining equipment design and testing, Sandvik introduces a new Boom Suspension System, dedicated to UG drills.

The main purpose of this System is to extend the lifetime of boom and carrier parts by reducing the vibrations and peak forces carried to the boom when the machine is tramming on tunnels. It also improves significantly the operator comfort.

When the park brake is released and motion switch activated, the Boom Suspension System is in function. A special piston pressure accumulator, connected directly to the boom lift cylinder, absorbs most of the picks of pressures generated and preserve the rest of the structure from high stress and vibrations.

The Boom Suspension System can be disabled easily, if needed, with a simple electric switch, from the operator compartment. Due to the small size of the accumulator, the system fulfils all the local regulations (EU, CRN).

Application area

Lifecycle cost improvement

Underground drill rigs & Bolters

Sandvik DD210L, Sandvik DD211L, Sandvik DD212, Sandvik DL230L, Sandvik DL330, Sandvik DL331, Sandvik DS210L-M, Sandvik DS211L-M, Sandvik DS310, Sandvik DS311