Campaigns & Offers

On My Sandvik you will receive unique campaigns and offerings, giving you great opportunities to purchase high quality products and services for your fleet. 

Digital Service Solutions

On My Sandvik you’ll find the Digital Service Solutions which provide you with visualization of fleet utilization, productivity, safety and health on a 24/7 basis.

Once activated, the Knowledge Box™ on board your Sandvik fleet collects and transfers equipment data to the My Sandvik IoT hub. This is where gathered data is processed into easy-to-use knowledge about your fleet’s health and performance. The gained knowledge helps you to make substantial observations and prioritize actions during daily operations.

6 reasons to connect your equipment: 
-Standardized solutions for optimal and fast implementation
-Quick access to data anywhere, at any time
-Directly see the most relevant data for your role
-Easy-to-read visualized operation data
-Easy-to-identify areas of improvement to set clear targets
-Transparency in measuring areas of impact

Component solutions

Extended warranty service